Warranty Matters™

Warranty Matters is the most trusted name in warranty compliance.

We offer a variety of services designed to meet the needs of almost any dealership or automotive manufacturer, Domestic or Import.

David Henson

Introducing David Henson

With over thirty-five years experience in warranty management, David founded Warranty Matters in 1994. Since then he has conducted countless reviews, training visits and assisted dealerships through manufacturer audits and franchise termination appeals.

David has also consulted from a corporate-level regarding warranty policy and procedure for major automotive and powersports manufacturers in the North American market. He is experienced with warranty administration on an international level and conducts outsourced warranty audits for several high-line manufacturers.

David has written extensively concerning warranty administration with the various manufacturers. He has also developed a General Motors Warranty Instruction & Reference Manual-Global Warranty Management Version and an Audit Awareness & Appeal Guide that have quickly become industry standards. As well, he is the editor of the Warranty Matters Newsletter – General Motors Edition.

Warranty Matters conducts General Motors Warranty Administration Clinics and Audit Awareness & Appeal Seminars across the country.

Real-life dealership know-how, combined with a complex warranty compliance background offer him the ability to cut through the maze of warranty administration and get to the root cause of any problem in a fast and effective manner. Your entire organization will benefit from his experience and insight.

Why Choose Warranty Matters™?

Working with a consultant is a new experience for many managers. The fact is, most people don’t know what to expect when they hire a consultant. Visions of “Efficiency Experts” with little or no practical experience and bad attitudes are evoked.

Real experts are highly-skilled, respected and competent people who excel at their craft without intimidation. It’s more than a business to them, it’s their life.

This company is dedicated to making a difference by providing top-quality service at a reasonable price. We don’t present canned solutions, we rely on experience and previous successes to develop programs tailored to the specific needs of individual situations.

Through personal on-site consulting and training we are helping managers and staff to see significantly improved results. Contact us! We promise you’ll see the difference.

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